"Drac in the saddle again"

September 26 - November 17

Three Wacky Characters in this Vampire Western Halloween Spoof-tacular! 

Followed by the Classic Comedy Vaudeville Review! 


"Drac in the Saddle Again is of course followed by the Melodrama’s traditional Classic Comedy Vaudeville Review, a hilarious tribute to vaudeville routines and variety show sketches. One such skit is “The Dentist” from The Carol Burnett Show, which Tropper and Abbott lovingly re-create, portraying the titular dentist and his patient, respectively. While attempting to inject novocaine into the patient’s mouth, the nervous, bumbling doctor accidentally numbs his own hand—then his leg—and finally his forehead. The physical gestures that ensue as Tropper is determined to finish the procedure are priceless and possibly worth the price of admission alone."